Habit Comfort Method + Habit Hidden + Habit Active

Habit Comfort Method + Habit Hidden + Habit Active


Nov 29th Three Week Extension Class 

 This certification is $2500 + a FREE kit. What is included in the kit:

1-Year Haircation Membership!
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Practice Extension Hair
Weekly Support From Mentor
Mannequin Head
1 year free of Forward Forms
Habit pliers
Extension String
Metal Clips
Rat Tail Comb
Sewing Scissors
Extension Threading Tool
Live Q+AFull Customer Support


By purchasing this you will get access to all of our methods. You will learn our original extension method. We call this the Comfort Method. You will learn the entire process of the Comfort Method in the first 7 days. At the end of the course, you will have a live chat with your mentor and the students in your group. You will then have 1 week off to practice and then you will start the Habit Hidden Method Course.  This course will last 7 days. After this course, you will have another live chat with your mentor to go over any questions that might come up with the Hidden Method. You will then take a week off to practice this method and then the Active Method course will begin. 


The Habit Hidden Method is for your clients that want a more subtle hidden placement. This gives clients the freedom to wear their hair in ponytails without seeing the beads and wefts. Each certification is offered at a discounted price as you widen your extension services.

Habit Hidden Method

The Habit HIDDEN Method utilizes the same proven installation techniques as our Comfort Method but incorporates a new way to place the hand-tied wefts in a way that they can remain “hidden”.  This application is perfect for certain clients and certain applications.  This allows you and your client to go over the goals and hairstyles and choose the best placement of your hand-tied wefts.

Habit Comfort Method

The Habit Extension COMFORT Method is the most used, requested, recognizable, marketable, healthy AND the most comfortable hand-tied extension method available in the WORLD.  This method was developed by Chrissy Rasmussen and her amazing team at Habit Salon.  They have traveled the world in person and online sharing their hand-tied secrets to help other salons and clients get the best hair extension service and experience possible.  The Habit Comfort Method allows your HEM certified client to achieve “That Perfect Blend” while creating a natural grow-out for the client while allowing the client to perform color and toning services and easy follow up move-up appointments.

Habit Active Method

The Habit Active line is revolutionizing the placement and ability to wear hair extensions for the client with an active lifestyle.  Client’s goals usually include length and volume which traditionally requires many wefts.  Habit Active NOW makes it possible to wear hand-tied extensions for the active lifestyle client.  Then our HEM Complete training will allow you to teach the client how to place additional hand-tied clip-ins to give additional length and/or volume as needed.  This method and placement will open the door to millions of new clients that previously thought they were not suited for hair extensions.

Habit Clip-in Complete Series

Habit Clip-Ins have been designed, developed and built to be used and sold in your salon.  For years Chrissy and her team have been placing and selling clip-in extensions.  In fact, before creating the HEM Comfort Method, clip-in extensions were the only way Chrissy felt that extensions could be worn safely and comfortably.  Knowing that clients want and need clip-ins, The Habit Clip-In was created to allow perfect customization.  Blending and placement of clip-in extensions of different color and width is what gives the client a natural look.  This HEM certification will come with education, instructions and the ability to be an authorized retailer of The Habit Clip-In Hair Extensions.  You will be located on a map that shows that you are trained and have clip-ins available to purchase.  These sales could come from your salon or order them for your client through your wholesale account.