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3 Easy Steps To Becoming Certified

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One day a week you will meet with your Habit Mentor. This mentor will assist you throughout your entire 3 weeks of this course. You will also have the opportunity to message them at anytime during your class.



The length of this class will be 3 weeks long. After completing this course you will be online certified in the Habit Extension Method



Every week you will be able to ask questions live and receive answers from your mentor as well as all of your classmates. At this time you will get answers to anything you may have struggled with during the week.


We Now Offer Financing

We want to be able to offer many options for you to become successful. We offer 4 financing options for you and most of them are 0% APR. Select these options at checkout. You can even pay with your Venmo balance!!

Reviews from our past students

Thinking about starting our certification? Hear from real people....

Liana C.

“My favourite part was the up close visuals in the video. I loved how i could see everything so closely. I found it much easier to follow then an actual in class session.”

Katie W.

“Videos were great, I thought. Easy to follow. I watched the videos by themselves once, then kept them replaying while i was doing the lesson. I’m sure some of them i watched 4-5 times. I also enjoyed watching the other mentors archived videos as everyone teaches slightly differently or might say a tip or trick that i picked up on. I’ll still go back and watch some just to soak up as much as i can!”

Hannah M.

“I really enjoyed the course. I thought everything on the videos was pretty clear. I had to watch them 2-3 times to make sure I understood everything and also to play along and pause as I did my own install. Allison was a really good mentor. She was really encouraging and gave us a lot of extra helpful tips on her live videos each week.”


Will I be able to purchase your hair?

Yes! Once you finish your four week course you will be certified in our method. Once certified in our method you will get a login that has exclusive pricing up to 50% off.

Do I have to be a licensed stylist to get certified in the Habit Extension Method?

Answer...Yes. You are required to be a licensed stylist to be certified in HEM.

Will I be certified after I complete the 3 weeks?

Answer...Yes! You will receive an "Online Certification" for completing this course. However this is different than our in-person certification. In order to receive an in-person certification you will need to complete a one-on-one with one of our Habit stylist or your mentor.

Is the training content released over time?

Yes. A new module will be released weekly. You will complete the course work for that week and then review it with your mentor. Each week you will be able to ask your mentor questions.

Are there contracts?

No, there are no contracts. You will receive one year free of Haircation and after that year it will be $19 / month and you can cancel anytime.

Can I watch the courses more than once?

Absolutely! You are able to review all the courses and training videos as much as you would like or until you feel confident practicing on an actual client.

Can I finance the certification?

Absolutely! We have partnered with Affirm to provide financing or pay over time. You can apply by clicking Apply now in the middle of the page and if you are approved you will receive a 0% interest for each 6, 12 or 18 month finance plan. We also offer ShopPay. ShopPay breaks the total up into 4 simple payments.

Can I take this online course if I am still in cosmetology school?

Yes, you are able to participate in this course as long as you are about to finish school and start your exams, otherwise, we require a license.

What is the difference between online and in-person certification?

Both our online certification and our in-person certification are great options. The biggest difference between each option is quite simple. One is in person and the other is online. This is important because you will need to know how to choose which option is best for you. Some may be a fast paced hands on learner and others may want to learn at home at their own pace. 

You will need to go through the online course before you come to the in-person class. The in-person class only takes around 7 hours to complete and you have an instructor right by your side helping you. This allows you to ask questions and get answers right away.  

The online course takes 4 weeks to complete. You still will have a mentor there with you weekly. But it will be more of you working on the course when you can at your own pace. This is a really great option if you are unable to travel to a class.

Do you teach what to charge for our services once the certification is complete, how to cut and color the extensions, and how to market ourselves? Or is this course just strictly how to install the extensions?

We teach you everything you need to be successful, including where to purchase the best hair, what to charge based on the demographics of your area, how to cut and color blend the extensions with the natural hair, etc. Once you complete the course, your Haircation membership will be your go-to on how to take the best pictures, how to market yourself on social media, and so much more!

What comes in my kit?

1 Year Haircation Membership!

Paid advertisement for certified members through our salon locator

Practice Extension Hair

Weekly Support From Mentor(during 3 week course)

Mannequin Head

1 year free of Forward Forms

Bead Clampers


Extension String


Metal Clips

Rat Tail Comb

Sewing Scissors

Extension Threading Tool

Iles Samples

Samples Of Our Favorite Products

Live Q+AFull Customer Support

Will I be shown on your locator?

Yes! Once certified you will be on our salon locator for people to find.

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